I am playing with an app on my Android phone that will post my location on a map. Eventually, I’ll do the same with APRS. It would be interesting to be able to merge the two…

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This looks more like what I want, but to get it to post to Google Maps, I have to stop the app and upload the map. You won’t see anything until the end of the day that way and you can only keep so many maps in your Google Maps account.

So, I’m still looking for a better way to track my travels using the phone.

I may have found one. An Android app called APRSdroid lets me add myself to the APRS network via TCP/IP. Should be interesting. I’ve made my phone AE2T-10.

AE2T-7 is the radio. It’s symbol is a bike. AE2T-10 is my Android phone. It sends it’s location to a server over the internet and it gets sent to the map server as if it was coming from a radio. If you see just plain AE2T, that’s a radio at my house. You can see other Hams around the area as well. If you see one with a line trailing it, that’s someone on the move.