Last June, a fellow decided to ride a bike across America to lose weight, get his life together, and impress his estranged wife that he loved her.

Eric Hites - Fat Guy on a Bike

Eric Hites – Fat Guy on a Bike

I heard about it very early on and followed him on Facebook and his website. It was an interesting idea and I wanted to cheer him on. After all, doing something like that has been one of my ambitions as well.

I checked daily to see how he was doing at first. I expected updates to see where he was and where he was headed. Initially, his plan was to begin in Massachusetts and travel west across the country. I wanted to know where he might pass by here and maybe go out and ride with him for a day. His plans were not very organized, but he initially thought he would pass through Pennsylvania. Okay, I could travel that far. Continue Reading…