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The ultimate old-school geeky pursuit

Revisiting my childhood

Yeah, so? First riding bicycles, now what? Well, I’ve gone back to my electronics roots and have recreated a crystal radio that was my first electronics project back in about fifth or sixth grade. Back in my early teen years,

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Hams in Space

No, no, not those Hams in Space! I meant Amateur Radio Operators that are Astronauts. Ever since Owen Garriot, W5LFL, flew aboard STS-9 in 1983, there have been a series of Ham Operators aboard the Space Shuttle and the International

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OMG! It’s been a month

…since I last posted here. What have I done since then? Let’s see. The robotics team has built another robot. I got my Director’s number on the Geratol Net. I’ve gotten a month older… That’s about it. The robot for

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7 Band Dipole Continued

Today I finally got around to working on the 7 Band Portable Dipole I wrote about earlier. I had finished building it, but hadn’t tried it out or even seen if it works. One thing that delayed me was my

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