Day 4

Frank thumbs-up
Things continue to progress and improve. I just spent some time in Frank’s room and he’s in very good spirits, eating a second breakfast and reported that he had “pooped” Sounds silly, but after surgery, it’s a major milestone.

Frank says hello to everyone. I’ve been telling him a little about everyones well-wishes and all the work going on behind the scenes on his behalf. He has his phone and his computer, but I don’t know if he will be allowed to use it in the ICU.

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Today was much the same, travel being a large preoccupation, with visits to Frank in betwen.

Maybe it’s because it’s all new to me, or maybe it just really is a big deal, but getting to and from the hospital is a large part of my day.I don’t think I’ve gone the same way twice, but at least I’m learning bits and pieces about getting around.

I got a little late start and didn’t get to the hospital until almost 10am. Frank was still eating breakfast. I remember oatmeal and apple juice. There were other things, all pretty normal food. Several doctors stopped by and spoke with us. They seem pretty happy. There have been som adjustments to medications – one pain med was switched for another because there was some sort of reaction, and something made him itchy, so he got Banadryl. But nothing serious. They are continuing to monitor his breathing and monitor the improvements. Every day shows more evidence of progress and the miracle this is.

About noon or a little after, I went to the lounge and sat there catching up on email, and Facebook. It really has been busy with all the people following what is going on.

For lunch, I decided not to fight the box lunch challenge in the cafeteria and went out to the Tasty Deli, one of our favorite places. I had my favorite, a Reuben Sandwich and enjoyed it.

Photos of the Reconstruction

20141218_090248Breakfast table at the hotel. Yankees fans much?

20141218_191853What I had for dinner Thursday: Two delicious sandwiches.

20141219_141551Tasty Deli, I stop there every time! Below as well…


20141219_203856Christmas trees for sale on the sidewalk outside Rite Aid. Didn’t see the prices and I was afraid to ask.

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