Another map

I’m looking for a good real-time (or close to it) GPS tracking app so that my family and friends can easily know where I am.

This is a test of another one I am checking out.

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One comment on “Another map
  1. I think this one, the map, is a keeper. It’s showing my really exciting track up and down Transit Road today. It even shows my stop in the lot at WalMart.

    The other map only shows a dot for my current position and doesn’t show any tracks. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I only want to run one of these apps on my phone while I’m on my trip.

    Now that they turned on the embedded map for me, I think this one is the winner and will take over the cycle trip page.

    Tracks should show any movement for the past 24 hours, so it should make my trip apparent at least for the past day.

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