For historical purposes, this is the text that was at the top of the Cycle Tour page for the past 6 months. It explains what happened with the tour in 2012, so I decided to keep it, even though I am taking it out of the main page.

My first attempt at this trip ended the first day. I got as far as Hulberton on the Erie Canal where a catastrophic failure of the seat frame on my trike happened. I’ll be resuming my trip once I get that fixed (welding required.)

My plans are to ride east on the ACA Northern Tier Route, towards Maine. How far I go, or how long it lasts isn’t important. What matters is the experience. For the latest details, keep reading my latest posts in this blog. I’ll also be posting to Facebook.

Once again, my plans are on hold. I was literally packed and ready to leave again in the morning, when my phone rang and I found out my Uncle had passed away in Washington DC. Had my bike not broken down, I’d be out on the road somewhere, figuring out how to ship my bike home and hopping a bus to get back.

Since, the funeral, I have been tied up with affairs relating to my parents declining health. It now looks like any major bike trip will have to wait until at least next spring.

I do have plans in the works in October for a short, three-day tour on the GAP trail with a group of cyclists. I hope to drive to Maryland to hook up with that group and get a taste of one of the routes I want to ride in the future.

The good news is that despite not accomplishing any major trip, I have done a lot of riding this summer, have changed my diet and lost a lot of weight. I am in the best shape I have been in for many years and feel great. I hope to keep these gains over the winter and be ready to resume in the spring.