Things are shaping up, but a lot still needs to be done. Here’s a list of things I still need to do.

Secure the tote to the trailer. I’m not sure how I want to do that. One option is to actually drill through it and bolt it on. I’d have to have some back-up to keep the bolts from just pulling through the plastic. Fender washers or a metal plate. Same thing on the bottom of the trailer. The bolts would go through the plastic deck of the trailer, which is kind of a grating. I wouldn’t drill it, I’d line the bolt holes up with the openings in the deck, which would mean some plate under it needed. Maybe, I won’t need to secure it that tightly. Straps might be good enough and simpler.

A 2-meter Antenna. I’m thinking a J-pole made of light twin-lead and taped to the flag pole already on the bike. Either that, or some kind of whip which would – next to the flag – make it look like dual CB-trucker antennas!

The Battery. Where to put the battery? I don’t have a battery yet, either, but that’s a minor issue. I can buy one later this spring. But I haven’t decided what to do with it and the electronics that go with it. Probably build a small box to hold it securely inside the tote. I’ll need access to wires in and out of the tote, so some holes will need to be drilled in the tote. I need to decide what seal/wire protector to use there. Some plastic electrical grip/seals would be perfect, but you don’t see quite what I want in Home Depot.

Solar Panel Mounting. This is a big one. I will have to work out the mounting for the solar panel. Whether I attach it flat to the tote’s lid, or make a frame to hold it over the tote remains to be determined. A frame may let me make it angle-adjustable and might leave some room for larger items to be strapped on top of the tote. But it may be tricky attaching it to the trailer. Flat on the lid would be simple and simple is good when you need to maintain it on the road.

Spares and Parts. I need to get some spares and parts to pack. I have no tubes or tires for the trailer, except the ones it’s sitting on. I’d like to change the tubes over to presta valves (if they make them in 16″) so I don’t need to change the pump over each time. I also need spare tires for the trike. And there will be other things too minor to mention, but still necessary.

Drainage for the Tote. I’m kind of undecided over this one item. What if something spilled inside the tote? A water bottle, or worse, camping fuel or a bottle of soda that doesn’t like the ride back to camp? A minor inconvenience if the tote is something you can empty, and pour out, but a hassle with it on the trailer. I thought I’d put one or two small drain holes in the bottom, but then thought, what if I had to ford a small stream? Would the water come in through the holes? Maybe I can find some sort of plug to seal a drain hole, but be able to remove it. Kind of like the holes in a boat for when it’s on a trailer. Still thinking on this one.

I’ll add to this list as time goes on.