Sunday. I went to Clarence and met up with a couple of the people I met on the Niagara Recumbent Ride. We rode out into the country on some really nice, quiet roads and did 39 miles. Finished up with a relaxing stop at the Clarence Center Coffee Cafe. Great ride, Rich and Jerry!

Today, I rode the usual Monday morning NFBC breakfast ride. This morning’s ride went to Lockport and stopped for breakfast at Panera Bread. Brad had his new ICE Adventure 1 trike, so I am no longer the only trike rider in the group! I thought it was cooler than it was and wore a long-sleeved shirt. By the time we finished the ride it was really hot. I think the news said it hit 90 degrees today, but it sure didn’t feel that hot. The humidity is much lower than the last couple weeks. It’s getting late in the summer and it cools down much more at night as the days get shorter. This drives some of the moisture out of the air overnight, I think. Today was another 25 mile ride.

Why do I post this? Mostly for my own record. Read if you want, or skip it!