Al is back in Pittsburgh for the week. He is there, not because anything is wrong, or even because of the transplant directly, but because he is taking part in some research study.

He went there Monday with his Aunt Gayle along. I am going to drive down Wednesday or Thursday to take her place for the rest of the week.

I have been busy with the work preparing for the Robotics Team’s season, which will start it’s build season on January 3rd. There is a new control system used this year and they gave us a head start with it by shipping the parts for the controls only ahead of time. We got them last week. It’s a new system, a new way of doing things and probably new software and programming language. I’m trying to get the hardware breadboarded so we can check it out and get a jump on things.

My broken laptop appeared today on my porch. I had checked the Toshiba web site on it’s status just the other day and didn’t see any sign of it being anywhere past the receiving stage, but herre it is already. It seems to be working well, and they seem to have updated all the software from the bios on up. I had to restore some things like my saved passwords and bookmarks in Firefox, but it looks like everything else is there, intact.

I like the little Acer netbook. In a lot of ways, it’s very convenient, but having a full-size screen and keyboard is so nice! it’s good to have this one back. Now I have a choice.