Front page story

Front page story

Since last summer, back when we first started the fundraising efforts for Frank’s transplant expenses, a young journalism student who works for the Lockport Star, has followed Frank’s journey. Rachel Fuerschbach has been working on this story all that time and has interviewed many of the people in Frank’s life to get their take on it all. Earlier stories were great human interest and helped us with the fundraising efforts, but this is the whole story that she wanted to tell.

Her work finally came out this weekend with the article shown here. It’s a pretty comprehensive view of Frank’s path to a transplant and beyond. I hope if you want to read it, you can get it to expand enough on your screen. The article hasn’t yet been posted on the paper’s site:

Our thanks to Rachel for her interest in Frank and for working very hard to tell his story. I hope everyone finds it interesting.

As a note of update, Frank has been traveling to New York for periodic followup visits with his doctors and seems to be doing very well. He’s in great shape, his lung functions are outstanding and he’s got tons of energy and stamina, unlike his old self. He’s progressed to the point where they only need to see him every 2-3 weeks and can now include fresh fruits and vegetables in his diet. They continue to monitor him closely through blood tests, X-rays, and Pulmonary function tests, and regularly adjust the shopping list of drugs he needs to take. But life looks good, far better than the struggle to exist he faced before the transplant.


Frank visits Washington DC and meets some cousins: Matt and Sara

Frank recently was able to travel with friends for a long weekend to Philadelphia, Virginia, and Washington DC, and visited friends all along the way.