Well, it’s still an interesting week. I rediscovered a soothing feel-good food from my childhood: milk toast.

It’s not on the suggested foods from the doctor, but I thought it was worth a try. I found it to be the perfect breakfast for those who have had throat surgery.

Take two slices of bread, toasted and buttered. You can’t overdo the butter, either.
Cut off the crusts and place in a bowl. Pour warmed milk over it (or pour milk over then microwave)
Add salt to taste.

It’s warm, bland and so soft you hardly need to chew. Just what I needed.

Kids nowdays have enver heard of it. My wife didn’t even know what I was eating. But I can remember it from when I was sick and my mother made it for me. Maybe that’s why it has a magical power to make you feel better.

Kraft Mac and Cheese made soft and runny is a close second choice. Jello has been a favorite desert. Ice Cream is okay, but just too cold right now. Same goes for freeze pops.

I feel a bit better each day, but it’s incremental and going slow now. I had thought about going down the the Going South Festival in Cazenovia Park today, but just didn’t feel up to it.

Monday, I have my first Doctors appointment and will have to drive into Buffalo for it. It should be okay, but I know I’ll be tired out by the time I get back.