Storm recovery continues

Well, we’re over it here in Lockport, but Buffalo and Erie County were much harder hit.

Williamsville snow photo

Buffalo blogger, Jackdaw fan and Ookla-The-Mok fan, Erin, posted these photos in her Flickr page. Check out her blog too.

The photos are in the Main Street, Williamsville area. The word is that they have finally gotten the number of people without power “under 300,000.” Wow! And I complained at our 14 hours. It’s only like the third time in 25 years living here we’ve lost power. You see we’re only four houses away from the substation, so it’s usually pretty big when we’re out here.

Erie County lost power to part of their water system Friday and they’re still having people boil their water because they still aren’t sure how much contaminated water got into the system. The fun just goes on. The lists of cancellations just goes on and on continuosly on all the TV stations. They run them as a crawler or graphic across the bottom of the screen. Schools closed through the end of next week… Churches closed… the Bishop gave the whole Diocese an exemption on going to church this weekend… businesses closed… no end to it.

So, I guess we’re sitting pretty here again in Lockport. Today was sunny and mild. A typical fall day. My son and I went out and cleaned up some fallen branches in the yard. We cut them up with a chainsaw and dragged them to the curb. That was the extent of our storm impact.

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One comment on “Storm recovery continues
  1. Mark says:

    We made it fairly unscathed here in North Tonawanda. 6 blocks further south is a different story. It is as if our little corner of the world is a no fly zone that the storm passed over as it moved north from Buffalo to Lockport.

    As I was driving home from work on thursday night, it was as if a curtain opened when I crossed from Erie to Niagara county. When I crossed the bridge over the canal, the snow just stopped. Snow belts still amaze me.

    Managed to pick up some overtime at work by being brave enough to drive in on Friday morning.

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