I received my NC2030s a week or so ago. They look really great. Of course, there are already people building them and posting about it in the QRP-L list.

One of them is Steve “Melt-Solder” Weber, a well-known QRP builder who has been responsible for more than a couple kits himself. He’s been posting details as he builds and I think his trail-blazing will be of hge help to those of us who aren;t in as big of a hurry.

He’s already found a few parts missing from the kits and clarified a few mistakes and pitfalls in the construction details.

I’ve decided not to rush into building and wait a bit. For one thing, I still haven’t received the packet with the missing parts. I also plan on building one during the time I am off work for the Holidays. I am having minor surgery and have taken an extra week off before Christmas.

I took the PDF file with the manual and ordered printed manuals from Office Max. I ordered them over the internet and had them to pick up at my local store. The store here has only been open a few months and I don’t think they do many internet print orders. The corporate web site left some to be disired too. When I ordered the printing, there was no clue to price until you submitted the order almost right to the end to confirm it. I got the order in and found the price for color copies was over $100. I backed up and checked black and white, which was more reasonable, about $22 for two copies fo 127 pages.

There was also no clue as to how long it would take to get the order. Should I just pick it up? Would they call me? No mention at all.

When I got to the store, they just happened to have finished printing it a few minutes earlier. The clerk apologized like I was inconvenienced. He said they had just had the printer serviced. They gave me the copies and they were in color. I of course explained I had no intention of paying $100 ans the clerk went off to the manager for instructions.

He came back in a few minutes, with a sheepish look on his face. He showed me the order they printed out and where it showed the file was color, but below that it clearly said the printing was ordered in balck and white. It was their mistake.

Their solution: wait a few minutes while they reprinted it in balck and white. What do they do with the color copies they screwed up? Throw them away?

Oh, well. At least I got my copies and put them in a couple binders as well.