I guess you have figured out that I am an Amateur Radio operator by now. This section of my blog is devoted to that aspect of my life.

Which hasn’t been all that busy of late. I have been a Ham since 1969. At that time, I was still in High School, still lived at home with my parents, and the state of Ham Radio was considerably different.

It has changed a lot since then, some ways for the better, in other ways for the worse.

As my career in Ham Radio has gone on over the past 35 years, I’ve accepted that my interest comes and goes in cycles. Work, family and other hobbies all take their toll in taking time, money and enthusiasm for their own use, leaving radio for another time.

I have always planned on having Ham Radio as a hobby that would always be there, if I had time, if I retired, if I became disabled and couldn’t work, it would be there for me to keep busy with. Now that I am nearing retirement, I hope it still will be there for me.

Some of the more recent developments in Amateur Radio, mostly on the “political” end of things, make me wonder if it will be, or if what is left that is called Amateur Radio will be worth even doing.

I know this is all rather vague, especially if you aren’t an Amateur operator, but that leaves me plenty of material for future posts…