NPR Interview with Ham who assisted in saving some people in New Orleans.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina and all the flooding, stories are starting to come out about the involvement of Amateur Radio operators in the rescue effort.

As with 9/11, I guess it’s inevitable, even though only the tip of the iceberg ever gets noticed. It did seem for a while that nothing was being done, no FCC declaration of Emergency frequencies being set aside, no pleas for Hams to help out. But that was pretty much the same story as the government and charitable agencies. The whole event was just so massive and so widespread, that there was little anyone could do until things settled down and stabilised.

But now that that has happened, things are swinging into motion. The ARRL has issued a call for volunteer Ham Operators, especially those who are expeerienced in emergency communications or have completed their releatively new training program.

I’m sure we’ll hear many more stories in the next few weeks.