not Wendy’sHere I go again with another commercial comment. I’m sorry, but I just hate the way television ads are so condescending to their audience.

You’ve probably seen the Wendy’s commercial where they say something like “Cows don’t come from Antarctica, so why should hamburgers be frozen?

Okay, I can play with that kind of logic. “If hamburgers were meant to be square, why are the rolls round?” There, two can play that game.

Come on, if cows lived in Antarctica, they would have found, or evolved into, some way to keep warm. They wouldn’t be frozen. Penguins aren’t frozen are they? If Antarctic cows were frozen, they’d be extinct, not hamburger…

Frankly, I think Wendy’s ad men are grasping at straws to find ways to get people’s attention. Look at their last (and still being used) idea – a guy in a red wig with pigtails. Stupid, just stupid.

I, personally, don’t care for Wendy’s food. I remember my last experience with a Wendy’s hamburger. It was so greasy, it dripped all down my shirt. Give me Flame-broiled any day over steeping them in grease on a griddle. I mean, how do you cook hamburgers at home? You throw them on the BBQ! There’s no contest which is better.

And as for giving the customer what they want, Wendy’s was like playing 20 questions. Just give me the damn burger and let me go to the condiment counter and put on whatever I want. They’re right, it isn’t fast food. The line was glacial while they asked everyone what they wanted on their order. “What would you like on your hamburger, sir?” “What do you have?” “We have lettuce, tomato, catsup, mustard, relish, onions, pickles, bacon, cheese, and steak sauce.” “I’ll have catsup, lettuce, tomato and bacon.” “The bacon is extra.” “Oh, never mind, just give me catsup.” Repeat over and over.

Personally, I like our local hot dog stand, Reid’s. They hire a bunch of kids every summer, but they seem to do okay. You can go there with an order for your whole family and they’ll get it right without even writing a thing down. No fancy computerized cash registers, either. They yell the order back to the grill staff. It comes out something like “Two red hot, sauce, burn ’em, fries, jumbo strawberry!” Cheap, low-tech and sooo good.