What’s with McDonalds, trying to be some kind of trendy coffee house, instead of what they are, a burger joint? Who do they think they are, anyway? And what is up with this adding “é” to everything in sight? It sounds, well, stupid.

Besides, haven’t they noticed, even Starbucks is closing shops around here. The coffee fad has peaked and the winner is, not Mickey D’s, not Starbucks, not even Spot Coffee, it’s good old Tim Hortons.

So this commercial is all the more hilarious and pointless, pathetic and lame. L – A – M – E.

A guy in a minivan, sucking on some sissy McDonalds iced coffee, has a big bad biker pull up next to him at a light. The biker eyes him up and makes a disparaging remark about his minivan.

God has pity on him and gives him the kind of golden opportunity you only get once in a lifetime: it starts to rain.

Does McDad take advantage of this opportunity and come up with some snappy comeback? Maybe something like “at least I’m not sitting out there in the rain.” No. It’s a McDonalds commercial. They have to say something to pay the bills and make it relate to McDonalds and the drink in his hand.

All those professional ad writers getting paid the big bucks ought to have come up with a memorable line. But did they? The best they could come up with was “That’s a mini-vané to you.” (Pronounced mini – van -Eh?, like some kind of Canadian accent joke.)

That’s it? That’s the best they can do? A golden opportunity for the ultimate snappy comeback was wasted.

Now, if that was a real biker, he would have yanked McDad out through the window, tied him naked, spread-eagled across the top of the mini-van and poured that sticky, whipped cream topped iced coffee all over his sissy a$$ and left him for the pigeons. That’s what he deserves for such a lame line.