Sarah Palin Schoolgirl Doll

Two weeks ago, no one outside Alaska had heard of her. This week, she’s an action figure. America, what a great country!

And not just one. There are three versions, so if you have three daughters, they can all have one and keep them straight. Well, from getting mixed-up, anyway. There’s the Schoolgirl Palin Doll, probably ready to go off to a conservative, Christian Academy and learn about creationism and abstinence.

Then there’s the Sarah Palin Super Hero Action Figure, where our heroine wears a leather trench coat over her short mini-skirt that reveals her “Tomb-Raider” styled thigh holster. This Palin doll is ready to take on any threat, whether from an Alaskan Grizzly Bear, or some Police Chief.

As a little more conservative offering (probably to cater to the Conservative vote) there is a generic Action Figure where our heroine wears a dark suit that I can’t decide whether it’s black pajamas, or a Hillary-Clinton-esque Pantsuit.

You can buy your own Sarah Doll from Hero Builders which also has McCain, Obama and even – for us New Yorkers – an Elliot Spitzer action figure.