Palin: Don’t call me Doll!

Sarah Palin Schoolgirl Doll

Two weeks ago, no one outside Alaska had heard of her. This week, she’s an action figure. America, what a great country!

And not just one. There are three versions, so if you have three daughters, they can all have one and keep them straight. Well, from getting mixed-up, anyway. There’s the Schoolgirl Palin Doll, probably ready to go off to a conservative, Christian Academy and learn about creationism and abstinence.

Then there’s the Sarah Palin Super Hero Action Figure, where our heroine wears a leather trench coat over her short mini-skirt that reveals her “Tomb-Raider” styled thigh holster. This Palin doll is ready to take on any threat, whether from an Alaskan Grizzly Bear, or some Police Chief.

As a little more conservative offering (probably to cater to the Conservative vote) there is a generic Action Figure where our heroine wears a dark suit that I can’t decide whether it’s black pajamas, or a Hillary-Clinton-esque Pantsuit.

You can buy your own Sarah Doll from Hero Builders which also has McCain, Obama and even – for us New Yorkers – an Elliot Spitzer action figure.

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2 comments on “Palin: Don’t call me Doll!
  1. All they need now is a “Sarah Barracuda” version….

  2. Al Gritzmacher says:

    I really don’t want to make yet another post about Sarah Palin (I’ve gotten too carried away already) so I’ll tack on another comment to this one.

    The best catchphrase that sums up the choice of Palin as McCain’s veep is Rodeo Clown. I first heard it listening to Scott Leffler’s radio show. He said it and I immediately knew exactly what it meant.

    A Rodeo Clown is someone whose job is to attract attention and divert it away from the real action. In this case, Palin is the clown, McCain is the cowboy and we’re the bull. We’re being duped as we are distracted away from the real issues by discussing Palin. It only helps that she’s pretty, a woman and controversial.

    Of course, this all came up while discussing the “Lipstick on a Pig” comments and how the McCain supporters are trying to make it a slur on Palin. Once again, direct our attention to the Rodeo Clown…

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