This is the time of the year where Pumpkin carving comes into it’s own. Some people can make it an art form. Having a good template can go a long way to making a clever carving.

Not to be left out of it, the political parties have capitalized on it and are offering guides to make Jack O’Lantern into your favorite candidate.

The above video features carvings submitted to the YES WE CARVE web site that features designs, complete with downloadable stencils for your own Barak Obama pumpkin.

Is Barak not your man? Try this site that has a design for John McCain. or try Better Homes & Garden’s stencils of all the candidates. (Well, all the ones they talk about on TV…)

So, get carving. Don’t want to show favoritism towards one candidate? Carve them all and have you own debate right on your porch!