A week agoA week ago, we were having a perfect, snowy December. There had been snow on the ground almost continuously since before Thanksgiving, but no major storm to speak of. The ski areas were having the best start in years.

But that all changed after Christmas. We’ve had rain and almost all the snow has melted here. There’s still enough down south in the ski areas, but they’ve got to be concerned.

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Today: high winds knock down trees.
Today, high winds came in this morning and it’s more like March coming in like a Lion, than December. Gusts more than 50 mph woke us this morning along with the sound of sirens as the local Fire Department kept busy answering calls.

We had just gotten up, when I heard a cracking sound and looked out the front window to see the roots of the tree across the street sticking up. The tree itself was behind a tree on my side of the street, so I couldn’t see it from that perspective, but after moving to another window, I saw the whole tree leaning on the roof of the house.

Some roof damage shows here
We watched as our neighbor came out, then came back out again and took some photos with his camera. Before long his whole family was out looking it over. Eventually, the Fire Department came by to appraise it and be sure there was no danger. Even a photographer from the paper was there.

The wind continues and there is a warning for high winds across the whole area for today. Even as I type this, a large gust shook the house. I hope this doesn’t last too long.