Classic canal boatI’m still walking regularly along the canal in Lowertown. Not always every day, but I’ve been using the walks as fill ins between other activities, like cycling, now.

I took a few photos on my walk last Thursday. This boat was docked at the Exchange Street docks in Packet Park. That’s all I know about it. It looked cool, though, but I have no clue what it was doing here or where it was going.

From the other sideThe same ship from the other bank of the canal.

This boat was docked tooThis boat was docked there too. I have never seen boats tied up there before, but I never looked for them either. I suppose the docks are there for some reason, but I’ve always seen all the marine activity further down at Widewaters Marina.

Lost ducklingsLater on in my walk, I came across these little guys huddled up on the bank. It’s very unusual to see ducklings without a parent duck with them. They were huddled together and seemed to be quite insecure about being left alone.

I wondered what happened to their Mommy duck, whether it was just off foraging, or if some predator had it for lunch. Guess I’ll never know.