Walkabout 4

Heavy MetalMassive metal, painted black, sits silent, waiting at a Lockport corner.

When I was a kid, and dinosaurs roamed the earth, this used to be a favorite spot to sit, climb and hang out. The grass around this spot was worn away from use and many a bump and bruise was gotten falling here.

Into the breechToday, I rarely see anyone give it a second glance. The park it sits in seems to have more to offer in its brightly colored swings, slides and playground equipment, all of which is safe and soft plastic, not dangerous metal like this metal dinosaur.

A tribute to a war long gone, there is no plaque to commemorate it’s placement here. Yet it sits, large as life, as the biggest example of it’s kind in Lockport.

Wheels of WarWhere am I? Read tomorrows walkabout post to find out.

Yesterday’s photos were of the monument at the corner of Transit Street and Summit Streets. It is maintained by the American Legion and is a landmark seen as you drive into Lockport on Transit Rd.

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4 comments on “Walkabout 4
  1. Matt Gritz says:

    Dad used to talk about this guy often, but, not being familiar with Lockport, I don’t know the nearby streets.

  2. Fran Kane says:

    The gun at Willow St. Park? I climbed on it too–that’s how long it’s been there. I guess it’s called Altro Park now, but he was still alive living on the corner of Transit when I was climbing on this.

    Good work Al.

  3. M. Moretti says:

    The big cannon at Willow Park! That was fun to climb on. Sometimes we spent more time on it than on the swings and slides!

  4. M. Moretti says:

    I never knew the origins of this cannon, but taking a guess I think it may be off a battle ship. If Aunt Fran played on it as a kid, it must be pre-WW II. Probably a type of gun that could no longer be used and was off a ship that was scrapped. It would be interesting to know where it came from. It certainly has held up.

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