Childrens Memorial GardenThis placard explains the purpose of this garden not far from a place of learning.

Only a couple blocks from Lockport High School, students pass by daily in busses, but seldom stop. This beautiful garden has a gazebo, benches, walkways and trellises from which to enjoy the garden which is full of beautiful flowers.

Automobile traffic passes by non-stop, yet very few people get out of their cars to enjoy this gem, located prominently on a major street. Where am I?

Trellis'esYesterday’s photo, as my sister correctly answered, was the Old Post Office Building on Main Street, across from the Historic Palace Theater.

It was home to a number of Federal Offices on it’s several floors, but to most people, it was simply “The Post Office.” I can remember standing in line there waiting to get your turn at the ornate windows to buy stamps or send a package. It reminded you of a bank, but shabbier. I still can see the big iron steam radiators and the ornate brass post office boxes.

Any effort to impress stopped at the wall the service windows were at, though, and once you got to the window, you got a view of the warehouse-like area behind, full of packages and mail. Perhaps, in those days, they actually sorted some of the mail right there!

Today, it’s for sale. You could own this classic building for a price. For the past decade plus, there have been shops and offices in it. It’s probably a fixer-upper, but looks like a sound building yet.