A blast from the past

I was listening to some random music and the song “Log Driver’s Waltz” by Kate and Anna McGarrigle came up. It’s one of my favorite songs, probably because of it’s premise of a girl falling in love with the lowly log driver because he was light on his feet…

I first heard the song in a National Film Board of Canada short film. You know, the ones we used to see on TV between shows as filler. They were a staple on Canadian TV in the past as well as later on cable movie channels when a movie fell a few minutes short of the start of the next one.

This half-film footage, half-animation, short was the single starting point of my appreciation of the McGarrigle sisters and their music. It wasn’t until much later I discovered the connections to Loudon Wainwright III and probably before Rufus and Martha were born.

So, when I heard the song again, I wondered if the video was still available. Of course, it was on You Tube…

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2 comments on “A blast from the past
  1. Frank says:

    Oh wow. I remember this from when I was a little kid. Mom used to sing the words to this song. I loved watching it on TV. Wow, this does bring back memories.

    ’round and ’round and through the white water….

  2. Matt Gritz says:

    Andy and I were fans of The Cat Came Back

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