Ryan Montbleau
It’s always a pleasure to get out to a show that I’m not working on a podcast for. Not that that’s work, but, well it is. Just fun work. Still going just for the music is great too.

I heard Ryan Montbleau was coming to Nietzsches, so I made it a plan to get out and see him. I had only first heard his music just a couple months prior and really liked it. I came across it on a MySpace page for a bar in Jamestown, Carol’s Silver Dollar. From what I gather, it’s just a small place, but they’ve had Mr. Montbleau and his band there many times. That sounds like my kind of place. I’ll have to get there one of these days.

But Nietzsches was a good place to see them too. They pulled in a good crowd too, filling the back room pretty well. There was an opening band from Rochester too that was good, even though I didn’t get the name and couldn’t find out who they were.

I wasn’t putting them in a podcast because they (Montbleau) is from Cambridge MA and that’s just too much of a stretch to call WNY. But that didn’t stop me from bringing the camera. I put the photos up in my new gallery.