The Joys – Outta My Head

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Tuesday: Artpark - Litle Feat, Jamie Holka Trio
Wednesday: Artpark - The Sadies, The Joys
Wednesday: Gateway Harbor - Mick Hayes & the Reinhardts and Joyryde 
Thursday: Lafayette Square - Los Lobos, JJ Grey & Mofro
Friday: Lockport Canal - Kansas, Reign of Kindo
Friday: Gateway Harbor - Urban Renewal
Saturday: Hard Rock Cafe NF - Tonic, Ryan Star, More Than Me, 
Ten Cent Howl, Thriving Ivory

Okay, I’m really late in writing this, so I’m going to cut the commentary really short. I can add some later, but right now want to get the schedule up.

It’s also a week where there is a lot of good music in the schedule, but no one stands out over the others – it’s all good! So my pick is – just get out there and enjoy some good music before the summer’s over!

Street performers in Niagara Falls last Sunday.