I just drove through Downtown Lockport (3:30PM) and witnessed the preparations for the first of the Molson Concerts. It’s already looking interesting and the excitement is palpable.

Many vendors are already setting up and open. Parking lots all over are ready. I still think they are a bit high on their prices which were $7-$10 dollars. The free lots will be in high demand!

Sound checks were going on as I drove down Walnut Street and a lot of people were already walking around the area. Traffic was noticeably slower than usual on Walnut and I can see it being gridlock later. Main St. wasn’t bad, though.

Then a twisted thought crossed my mind. Will there be a theme song for the concert series? You know like how Thursday In The Square always plays Petula Clark’s Downtown to let the drunks know it’s time to go home.

I propose the Erie Canal song – you know “I had a mule, her name was Sal. Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal.” I think the Bruce Springsteen version would be good. (Yes, there is one.) Maybe you have a better idea? [dewplayer:http://gritzmacher.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/Bruce-Springsteen-Erie-Canal.mp3]

While we’re at it, what is this concert series called? I mean officially, it’s still the Molson Canal Concert Series, but you can’t even see the canal from where it is. The closest view of the canal (and one you really should see) is across Main Street at the overlook next to the closed parking ramp. The Molson Lockport City Center Concert Series would be more accurate.

Hey, there’s another idea! If only the parking ramp was still open, the City could charge to park there and pay for it’s repair/replacement in just a few years! It’s really close by and you’d have to walk through the archway at City Centre, so it ought to get a premium price!