Damian BradyI went to see Flyin’ Blind again at the Lockport Canal Tours. I got there just after they had finished their first set. It was great to see them play again and I still can’t get over how good a band they are and how I missed out on them for so long. I guess you just take the local stuff for granted.

They had their regular harp player back this time and also had another guitar player sit in for the second set. Just a young kid, I think they said 17, but he could play. He kept right up with Benny and they gave him plenty of opportunities for solos.

They had their new CD out, called “Havin’ Fun Feelin’ Blue” – an excellent title for a blues album.

I wish I could post a link, but they don’t have a web site yet. For upcoming shows, the best thing to do is watch The WNY Blues Society web page for info. I’ll keep my calendar posted too.

Some photos from the last time I saw them play are here.