Friday, was a georgeous day, cool – in the 70’s – and low humidity. It was sunny with nice, fluffy clouds in the sky, so I took off on my trike for a longer ride. I didn’t know where to go, so I just headed out the canal towpath to the East.

I ended up riding to Middleport and stopped for lunch at a diner there next to the canal. I’d been there before, on one of the bike club centuries I rode a few years ago. It’s always a convenient place to stop.

Just for the heck of it, I decided to ride back on Route 31, aka Telegraph Road and see just how bad the Bike Route 5 was. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that bad. It was exactly as I expected, heavy traffic with cars and trucks pretty much constantly going by. But the wide shoulder was smooth and clear as can be expected. The riding was actually faster than taking the canal path and it’s crushed stone.

I kind of enjoyed the uphill ride. Most of it seemed to be gentle uphills folowed by gentle downhills. Not even enough to call rollers. The last hill up the escarpment was harder as you would expect, but an easier route then going up the hills on either Market Street or Clinton Street next to the canal.

When I got back to Lockport, I stopped by the Canal Street gazebo to see who might be playing there. It turned out to be Mike Petralgia, a friend who I knew from work. I hung out for an hour or so listening to him play.

From Fun on the Canal

The gazebo shows are a nice idea, but attendance always seems to be really low. In the not weather, there just is no shade and no one wants to stay there. Today, it was slightly more comfortable and a few people wandered by to watch. Some even took pictures at the Canawlers cut-out.

Ride mileage was about 29 miles.

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