Well, seven out of eight wasn’t bad. I couldn’t go to the last of the Lockport Molson Canal Concerts for the year. I had to stay home and take care of my wife, who has just gotten out of the hospital.

My son was at work and my daughter was working at the concert with the Youth & Recreation group. So I had to keep my wife company.

Andrew Vaeth of Johnny Nobody at the TralfIf I had to miss one show, I suppose this was the one for me. I’m not a huge fan of Jeff Martin, or The Tea Party, although everyone in this area who listens to Canadian radio – as most Buffalo FM radio stations suck – has heard of them.

I listened to a bit of Tea Party as I sat at home, just to get a sense of what I missed. I guess their music is just a bit dark and bombastic for my taste. It seemed like every song was playing as if the speed on the turntable was turned down 10%. But that’s just me. If you enjoy it, far be it from me to discourage you. If you went to the concert and enjoyed it, let us know, leave a comment and tell us about it.

I always enjoy the openers as much or more than the main acts. I know absolutely nothing about Mother Red, so I might have missed a really good band. I hope to get another chance.

But the thing I miss the most, was missing my friends Johnny Nobody. I have seen them before, in fact have put out a podcast featuring them a while ago. I also have featured in a podcast, The Old Sweethearts, a local band that Johnny Nobody’s Andrew Vaeth played in. While the bands have different styles, they both are examples of the quality of the local music we have to enjoy right here in out own backyard. The Old Sweethearts aren’t around any more, but all of the members are still playing in other bands.

Johnny Nobody has been playing pretty steadily around Buffalo, sometimes with Handsome Jack, who opened for Robert Randolph at the Canal Concert several weeks ago. Both groups have a lot in common, besides most of their members being originally from Lockport. Handsome Jack was also in one of my podcasts, small world!

Roger Bryan, another of the Old Sweethearts, has been playing as Roger Bryan and the Orphans, and the rest of that band has become The Lochs.

All of these bands (except the Sweethearts) have local gigs coming up soon, check their webpages for details. They’re often found at all the usual places around Buffalo and quite a few have been chosen for some of the WBFO live shows.

Now that the Canal Concerts are over, why not get out and visit some local venues that support local music and hear some great music. Yes, mostly they are bars, and that is how they make their money, which is why but on the other hand you don’t need to pay for expensive tickets or stand in line to get into a big arena. Stop demanding the same old music and go hear something new! You don’t have to travel far either, wherever you are there is good music available. Right here in Lockport, Attitudes, Finnans and Gonzos all go to great lengths to bring in fresh local music.