Lost in the Supermarket

cartYou said hello to me in the supermarket. It wasn’t just hello, it was more like you were just that close to running up and hugging me.

I hope I didn’t offend you. I circled back around hoping to find you again and apologize for not being able to place you, but it was too late, I didn’t see you again.

Was it a case of mistaken identity? Were you someone I should have known? Now, it’s 4am and I’m posting this on the internet instead of sleeping. I guess I’ll never know who you were…

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One comment on “Lost in the Supermarket
  1. M. Moretti says:

    And then there is the person who honks and waves at you while driving by in the opposite direction. By the time you recognize them, they are way past you. Sometimes you never even recognize them.

    There are also the people who come up to you and say something like “Remember me? We once worked together for three months about twenty-five years ago.” At least that situation gives you the opportunity to acknowledge them.

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