This very cool show apparently is catch-as-catch-can. I caught it again this week. Actually, my Replay-TV caught it for me. It opened with one of my favorite artists of late: Richard Thompson. (Fairport Convention) It then went on to Tommy Emmanuel, an artist I have heard of and have an album of his music, but the visual experience was new, fixing him in my memory now with an image to go with the music. They also had Stephen Fearing, who I had seen play with Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. It was cool to see someone from the nearby Ontario area represent Canada in a show about music around the world.

Of course, Karan Casey and Paul Brady (of Planxty) represented the Irish music scene. And Beausoleil for the Cajun influence, which I’ve always liked. And more… all in one show.

I’ve figured out what was going on with the apparent different schedule on the web site for Mountain Stage; I was looking at the schedule for their radio show. I found the TV page and both this week and last week matched perfectly. WNED’s schedule now shows them as well, whether I had missed it, or they updated it, I don’t know. But it looks like there is one more episode of Mountain Stage next week, then they go back to Soundstage and later in November show Jubilee. Both are also good shows, even if some of them look like repeats.