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Well, the summer concert season has officially begun with the first Thursday at the Square concert in Buffalo. They kicked it off with Alejandro Escovedo last Thursday.

This week provides more choices in free outdoor concerts in the Erie-Niagara area. Artpark opens it’s Tuesday series with War with Then and Now billed as openers.

Thursday at the Square continues it’s run with Ingrid Michaelson. A. A. Bondy opens.

With only two concerts this week, the choice is pretty clear. If you want familiar, comfort-food music, you’re going to go see War at Artpark. If you’re the type that goes and sees America there every summer, (June 29 this year) and thinks The Boys of Summer is a great local band, then you know who you are.

But if you want to hear something new and embrace something that isn’t being spoon-fed to you by 97 Rock, (or worse, WJYE) then Thursday at the Square is the clear winner. I hadn’t heard of Ingrid Michaelson or A. A. Bondi, but a quick listen online (I’ve put MySpace links in above) has tweaked my curiosity. They’re both worth a trip to see.

Kudos to Buffalo Place for getting “It” and bringing in some new and upcoming talent, rather than just the latest in the milk-it-for-all-it’s-worth touring greatest-hits has-beens.

Incidentally, MySpace may be getting kicked around by Facebook when it comes to popularity in social media, but it’s still the best place to find and hear new music. Every band has a page there. It must be required by law or something. Even when they have other outlets for their online presence, a MySpace page is an integral part of any musicians self-promotion kit.

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3 comments on “Pick of the Week
  1. M. Moretti says:

    Ingrid Michaelson does a song “the Way I Am” that is familiar to most people as the Old Navy “sweater” song from a commercial a couple of years ago. Don’t let that stop you from seeing her. I never knock a girl with glasses. In fact I may make her my new pretend “daughter” along with Lisa Loeb. My pretend “son” is, of course, Fabrizio Moretti.

    The “captcha” is getting very strange as it is now asking me to spell the name of a French automobile!

  2. I have no control over the captcha words. They sometimes make me laugh at what they come up with.

    For instance, this time it says “doleful officials” which could describe many of our politicians…

    And yes, Ingrid reminds me of Lisa Loeb in more than one way.

  3. Matt Gritz says:

    Ingrid Michaelson opened a few shows for Barenaked Ladies this spring, and she sounds great even on mediocre bootlegs. I haven’t met someone who’s heard of her and doesn’t have good things to say.

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