Peter CaseAn absolutely stellar week for local bands and homecomings for some Buffalo ex-pats.

Buffalo native Willie Nile plays at Artpark, plus a homecoming show for Peter Case (Wikipedia bio) at the Sportsmen’s Tavern on Friday, Aug. 13 makes it a week for reunions. The Sportsmen’s show is neither an outdoor festival or free, but should be on any local music fan’s wish list. Read the bios on these two guys and look at the names they’ve worked with and you’ll see if they’re not musical royalty, they’re at least in the King’s Court!

Top that off with some local bands playing with histories going back into the ’70s and you’ve got a local music week that’s hard to top.

Tues: Artpark: Doobie Brothers, Mick Hayes Band
Wed: Artpark: Willie Nile (Wikipedia bio), Alison Pipitone
Wed: Gateway Harbor: Fat Brat, Weekend Party of Nine
Thurs: Lafayette Square: The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Hit and Run
Fri: Lockport Canal Concert: Tears For Fears, Missing Star, 
                The Pillagers
Fri: Gateway Harbor: Naughty Dawg

On a sad note, Weekend has had to cancel their appearance Wednesday due to the serious illness of their keyboardist, Ned Wood. A benefit in Ned Wood’s honor is being planned for Sun. Sept. 26 at Frog Hair on Transit Rd. Weekend is one of those bands embedded in Buffalo’s music history and a BMHOF inductee. (2000, the same year as Peter Case)

Once again, time is short and I’m writing this on Monday. The week has already started and I want to get this posted.

Alison PipitoneHeadliners-wise, you just can’t go wrong. You won’t hear me say anything against the Doobies, the T-Birds, or Tears For Fears, but because of the Buffalo Connection, I really like the Willie Nile show at Artpark. Kudos to them for bringing him back and for bringing Alison Pipitone to open for him. I’ve seen Willie several times and he’s a great performer. That’s no hyperbole, I mean GREAT. He’s played Buffalo many times in recent years, but don’t let that stop you, on that great stage in Lewiston, it will be an awesome show. Alison Pipitone is a perfect fit as an opener. I always hate when they put bands together and you wonder if the promoter has ever listened to their music. Not here. Alison is the rockingest girl in Buffalo and a great choice to play before Willie Nile.

Missing Star and The Pillagers open for Tears For Fears at Lockport this Friday. Again, this is a week you should get there early. These openers are well worth checking out before the main show. I don’t know who the early opener at the Canal Concert was last week, or if there was one. I got there late due to the rain, but did enjoy Reign of Kindo and Kansas.