Sometimes, God hates Westboro Baptist Church

[Thanks to the Buffalo News for the video]

Representatives of the radical religous group, Westboro Baptist Church [Wikipedia link, I won’t give them the honor of a link to thier own website.] came to the area to protest the memorials of the victims of the Flight 3407 crash. When they arrived, all three of them, they were shown for what they were, a fringe minority.

They were greeted with WNY hospitality, a non-violent presence where local activists just overwhelmed them with a larger, more respectful group.

I guess the WBC people just gave up and went away after they didn’t get all the attention, like they wanted. Y’all don’t come back now, hear?

A while back, I saw a group called I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House and they played this song, which expresses what I think is a suitable sentiment for these so-called-religious zealots.

[Caution: audio not suitable for children or an office environment, or if your Mother is listening.]

Sometimes, you just have to balance one kind of hate with another…

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One comment on “Sometimes, God hates Westboro Baptist Church
  1. M. Moretti says:

    Good for the people of Buffalo for standing up for themselves! I certainly have heard of this group and their leader. I recently ran across his personal Wikipedia article while checking out something else. They apparently hate everybody and everything on earth except themselves, and their beliefs consist of venting this hatred at all possible opportunities. All I can say is that hate, true hate, not just mere anger, is a very strong and pretty much useless emotion that ultimately does more harm to the person who is doing the hating than the people they are trying to harm. Do you think any of the people in this group ever feel happy? I pity them, albeit in a very small way, as there are many more people in this world deserving of real pity. Oh, and don’t forget compassion, something these people have none of.

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