This just in from The Evil Genius Chronicles about the brouhaha over Sony/BMG’s use of nasty rootkit programs to enforce their DRM. A boycott was inevitable, really.

I just don’t get the music industry. They are such dinosaurs. At a time when they should be courting the customer and getting them on their side as far as artist rights, filesharing, copyright infringement, etc. they are instead going on the offensive and doing everything in thier power to alienate thier customer base.

All of which is just bringing to light the silliness – downright stupidity – of the copyright laws we have in this country. The idea of a record company protecting the artist/bands rights is laughable. The only thing they are out to protect is their own profits.

I read recently a quote from Jim “Roger” McGuinn that basically said that the only real money he ever got from a record company was the advance. He never saw any profits due to their “creative accounting.” He’s a fairly big name, but he had to make a living through the touring income.

It’s a sad world where a song writer signs a contract with a recording company, then loses the rights to thier own songs. I’m all for protecting intellectual property, but it’s not a commodity to be bought sold and traded.