Well, here’s another music podcast review. Anyone who knows me (or reads my blogs) knows I’m a Celtic music fan. Of course one of the first things I looked for when I got a feed aggregator (I use FeedDemon) was a Celtic music podcast.

Well, the first – and initially only – one I found was Aaron Drake’s Celtic Music News Podcast and it was exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve corresponded with him a few times since and have found out he formerly lived in the Buffalo area and we shared an interest in a number of bands. We even were at the same Great Big Sea show at a Thursday at the Square.

Aaron works hard to get permission from various Celtic bands to play their music. I know how difficult that must be. Copyright issues and licensing are the bane of podcasters. But he’s turned me on to several new bands I hadn’t heard of as well as playing a number of my favorites. I hope to be able to contribute some local Celtic music to his show in the near future from my podcasting efforts.

There are two other Celtic music podcasts I have since discovered. They both started up more recently. The first is Marc Gunn’s Irish and Celtic Music Podcast which is an offshoot of his excellent Celtic MP3s Music Magazine web site and blog. Marc is a member of The Brobdingagian Bards celtic band.

The other is called simply Irish Music Podcast and is hosted by another musician, Michael Murphy of The Shannon River Band.

Both are good podcasts, but I still have a preference for Aaron’s perhaps out of loyalty as the first one I began listening to. But if you like Celtic music, like I do, you will want to subscribe to all three. They don’t come out all that frequently, so you’ll have no trouble keeping up with them. I look forward to each one!