Dave Slusher hosts a podcast called The Evil Genius Chronicles. The podcast is some kind of commentary mixed with music. I started listening to it when I heard an interview with Dave sometime ago. Probably around the Portable Media Expo.

Sometimes the discussion is interesting, but mostly, it’s been dull. Dave Slusher seems to think he’s on some kind of evangelical crusade for podcasting or blogging, or something. But then, he thinks he’s a music reviewer. He should make up his mind.

The web site is full of links. Loaded. Overloaded. Unorganized.

I think the problem with the podcast is it lacks focus. I don’t know what it is supposed to be, so I’m dissaponted when it doesn’t seem relevant to what I want it to be. I may want it to be something it isn’t meant to be, but it’s not my fault it’s so vague about it’s focus.

As I get more podcasts than I have time to listen to, this is one that will be cut from my list.