I thought I would write a bit about a few podcasts here, now that I have been into them for a few months. Why not start with the very first podcast I listened to?

I somehow discovered The Dorktones and their podcast sometime back in July. I somehow found their web page and simply dowloaded the audio file to listen to. No clue about RSS, or subscriptions. Oh, I knew what they were, but really didn’t see what the big deal was or why I would care. Frankly, I didn’t gt the whole blogging thing either. I could do all I wanted with a simple web page and add whatever I wanted myself. Who needs a blog!

But I got hooked on The Dorktones. The music was quirky and cool and the announcer was corney and funny with a Dutch accent that was so cool. I hadn’t heard anything like it before. So I kept listening to them and even got the back episodes.

Later on, when I got a feed aggregator, the Dorktones was one of the first feeds I put into it.

They play odd and unusual covers and original songs, in the sixties, seventys and eightys style of rock music. Often they are European bands, or obscure versions of familiar songs. Apparently, The Dorktones are a real group, and this is a side project.

One of the Dorktones is also an artist. The caricatures and artwork from the website is totally cool.

Check out The Dorktones and see what I mean!