I’m all for regionalism, but I’m really sick of everyone hyphenating Buffalo and Niagara together.

For instance, some years ago, the NFTA stole any hope of the Niagara Falls airport ever having an identity by renaming the Buffalo airport as “Buffalo-Niagara International Airport.” Isn’t that kind of close to “Niagara Falls International Airport?” Yeah, the Buffalo airport serves the whole area, we get it, but why steal the identity from the struggling NF airport? Why kick it while it’s down?

Lately, every time you turn around, it’s Buffalo-Niagara this, Buffalo-Niagara that. I’m sick of it. I live in Niagara county and, while I like Buffalo, they are two different places. Stop trying to make the rest of the world think otherwise. (They really don’t care, anyway.)

I suppose, when a casino opens in Buffalo, it will be called “Buffalo-Niagara Casino” Please, don’t include us in that fiasco. We already have our own…

Whatever happened to “Niagara Frontier?”