I was at the hospital and of course the TV in the room was on a quality news source – Fox News (that was sarcasm, folks) and they were talking about the cease-fire, or lack thereof, between Russia and Georgia. The nurse commented that she didn’t even know that Russia had invaded Georgia. When told that it had started almost a week prior, she was flabbergasted. Which only goes to show how little impact it has on the American public.

But George John McCain [was that a freudian slip, or what?] thinks we should get involved. Who knows what George ‘Dubya’ Bush thinks. He’s held a news conference today and I haven’t yet heard what he said about it. But already, Russia has publicly said, in effect, stay out of it, America shouldn’t point it’s finger at Russia after it’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And I couldn’t agree more.

My apologies to the Georgian people, who as much as I feel have the right to their own governmant and democracy, we’re just not the country to turn to right now. If they want support and want to keep the moral high ground at the same time, they’d better look elsewhere, because turning to the U.S. is like hiring a professional hit man to take out an abusive husband. Neither is right.

The European Union would be a better choice. They are closer both geographically and in terms of risk, more involved, if Russia has an imperialist agenda. It would also be a good time to see if the EU can hold up as a military or political force in world politics.

The U.S. has over-extended it’s role as ‘policeman of the world’ and nowadays is more like ‘thug of the world.’ One more overseas military involvement might push our already overtaxed (no pun intended, but appropriate) economy and military machine over the edge and our country into an economic collapse.

Maybe, that’s what Russia wants?