I wrote about the switch to Digital TV here before. It’s the change that no one wanted.

Well, they did what everyone expected they would, extend the deadline from January 17, 2009 until June 12th. Never mind, Congress blocked it’s passage and we’re back to the original deadline. Question is, does it really matter? No, wait, they reversed them selves again and extended it to June!

Yep, my birthday. Please, there is no connection. Don’t blame me.

Our fickle congress has reversed it’s decision again, the postponement is back on again. Apparently, the first version of the bill required a 2/3 margin to pass the House. The Senate had approved it, but the House rejected it, so the the Senate re-wrote it in a way it could pass on a simple majority when it went back to the House.

No wonder people are confused by it all.