I live only a couple blocks from the local police station. How could it get any better? Well, it has.

There is a gas station/convenience store just around the corner. No, not that corner, the other direction! I can literally see it from my second story window.

It’s not as close as that seems, and it’s never been a problem, even when it got held up every other week. It’s the one in the other direction where people got shot.

But they figured out a way to get even better police protection – they opened a Tim Hortons in the convenience store! Everyone knows how cops and donuts go together.

The other day as I drove down my street, a police car came out of the lot and turned ahead of me. He went to the next corner, and turned right. No signal and it was a rolling stop. Had I been a few seconds earlier and been ahead of the cop, and done that, I’d be back in traffic court!

I guess he didn’t want to spill his coffee or put down his donut!