Well, I felt good enough to take a walk down to the Classic Car Show this evening. It is the last one of the season and the only one I’ve gone to. Probably because, to me, they are as boring as well, old cars.

I just don’t get the attraction. A bunch of guys who drive the same old cars to a spot each week, sit around and do what? Talk about the old cars? I saw the same ones lat year and the same cars were at the Delphi “Excellance” Week show. I suppose they are the same ones I’d see at Olcott if I went there.

Occasionally, they have music for entertainment. But today was just the same tired old DJ playing the same old sixties rock and roll they always have.

One thing has always pissed me off about these things. They think they are so special, but they are just boring. They get a bunch of Auxilliary Police to guard the street from undesireables. Don’t they remember? The Hot Rodders WERE the undesireables in their day! Today they stand guard against bicycles and skateboarders.

I remember a couple years ago, I rode my bicycle down Main Street (where it was at that time) early in the evening while it was still setting up. There were almost no people there yet and I was careful to stay well away from the cars. Some cop-wannabe had a fit and just about blew a gasket. But I was at the end of the block and almost in the intersection and gave him a “Who me?” look and just left. That made him even madder.

Come on, a fifty-year old guy on a bike is not going to damage their precious paint jobs and if I did, I’d at least be held accountable for damages. I know how to handle myself in a crowd and would have walked the bike had there been a crowd. Let’s not make rules for the sake of rules. If someone damages a car, it doesn’t matter if it is with a bicycle or a skateboard or a tire-iron. Don’t discriminate against someone who just picked a simple, easy means of getting there. Let’s face it, unless you drive a Hot Rod, there is no place to park if you drive your car.

Of course the irony that the area was being patrolled by the Auxillary Police Bicycle Patrol, didn’t escape me.

I think I’d like to start an event next summer with ramps set up for the skateboarders and BMX bike riders. We could use a park or a block of downtown. We could have food and music. Of course, for the saftey of those involved, we would need to restrict cars. No Hot Rods allowed! Do you think they’d go for that idea?

Of course they wouldn’t. They’re too busy looking down on people who enjoy something other than what they enjoy. They have forgotten the days when the Hot Rod cars were the outlaws. Oh they think they remember, but they didn’t learn the lesson.

So, it’s not much of a surprise that I didn’t go to one of these little shows until the very last one of the season and under circumstances where it was more an excuse for some exercise and fresh air. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes to see it all, anyway.