Big deal in the news today, First Lady Laura Bush came to Buffalo to speak at some rally in support of Congressman Tom Reynolds.

Aside from the fact that Reynolds needs all the help he can get right now after the latest scandal on Capitol Hill, who cares what the President’s wife thinks about Mr. Reynolds?

First of all, she didn’t get one vote in a presidential election. She’s never, to my knowledge, held, much less ran for, any elected office higher than maybe student council. Just what is her qualification to endorse anyone?

The implication that because she is married to a President (arguably the worst President of all time) she carries some weight irks me. Is she acting as a spokesperson for Dubya? Doesn’t he have a Vice President for that? Why couldn’t he come in person? Or did he offer and the congressmans’ spin people think that in light of his record-low popularity, he’d not be an asset? Or is the Prez distancing himself from Reynolds until after the Foley incident cools down?

I just think that the fact that someone is related to an elected official doesn’t give them some special inside position in politics or government. I’m not saying Laura should stick to picking floral arrangements for White House dinners, but I still don’t remember electing her.

If they sent the VP or Rumsfeld, or Rove, we’d be more comfortable. We’d know when they were lying to us – their lips would be moving. With the First Lady, we’re just not sure…