Lockport Mayor Mike Tucker, a Delphi hourly employee and Union appointee, said in an interview that he wouldn’t participate in a strike at Delphi if one was called. He seemed to think that because he is Mayor (a part-time job) that he should remain neutral.

That’s fine Mike. Stay neutral and give up your fat-cat union-appointed job and work a real job on the line if that’s how you feel. And if it does come to a strike, you’d better not cross the picket line. Maybe we won’t cross a party line in the next election to keep you in office, either.

Tucker isn’t the first Lockport Mayor to work at Delphi. Delphi usually takes good care of politicians who work for them, letting them work midnight shift and finding them easy jobs so they can play politics all day. And they are pretty liberal with “political leave” so that they aren’t caught up in the absenteeism trap like Joe Average worker. Delphi understands patronage!