According to ESPN, Marshawn Lynch will plead guilty to “an unspecified charge” next week in relation to the hit-and-run involving his SUV several weeks ago.

Doesn’t this raise red flags to you?

First of all, what are “unspecified charges?” You can’t tell me they don’t know what to charge him with. It sounds like Lynch and his lawyer are still bargaining over what they will copp to. Still wheeling and dealing with the justice system.

And next week? Haven’t we been patient enough already? Why is this whole thing going according to Lynch’s schedule?

The prosecutor said he does not fault Lynch for exercising his right to stay silent, but acknowledged that his office and the Buffalo police could have used the nearly three weeks spent on the headline-grabbing Lynch case on more serious crimes.

Boy, that’s understating it. We still have no answers from Lynch as to what happened and why he’s so reluctant to own up and settle it. His lack of explanation leaves so much room for the imagination and speculation over the incident.

For instance, why would he leave the scene of an unfortunate, but not very serious accident? Was he driving while intoxicated? Did he have someone in the vehicle he didn’t want in the public record? A hooker? Someone’s wife? Another guy? Or was there something in the vehicle he didn’t want found? Drugs? Guns? Was he driving without a license? Insurance? There is no limit to the speculation. It expands to fill the void left by his lack of explanations. Why not just be honest and open about it and put it all to rest?

The whole thing sends up a giant flare that something else is going on here. Besides that, there’s the whole special treatment issue. Any regular person would have been tracked down and thrown in jail before dawn of the day it happened, not given this kid-glove treatment by the Buffalo Police.