The Buffalo PD are still waiting to hear from Marshawn Lynch to hear about hit involvement in a hit-and-run last weekend. We’re still waiting for the truth.

A recent report claims a witness identified Lynch at the scene and the victim, a visitor from Ontario, has been publicly identified.

But Marshawn remains mum.

There is no arguing he’s a star athlete. But that doesn’t give him immunity to basic responsibility and civic duties. If anything, it means he should be setting a strong example. By hiding behind his attorney and making excuses why he’s too busy to talk to investigators, he’s doing as much to hurt his image and that of all sports figures, as if he backed up and went over the pedestrian a second time.

What kind of a genius are we dealing with here? Obviously, we don’t expect a lot from a football player, but look at what his blog looks like. This is from

last year n da draft it was ma turn…dis year i got 2 cuzins cummin to join me ….(Head) josh johnson best QB n da draft and (jizzle) rob jordan best WR n da draft…da town (OAKLAND) is soon to be deep n da NFL….we commin to show da world da we get down in da town and can ball too…..and look out 4 ma lil cuzin (fell) at da university of idaho…and it dont stop der ma god brother (Q) quentin thomas point gaurd of UNC gettin ready 4 da NBA….and it get better ….ma cuzins 2 tones doin they music thang….FAM 1ST on da cum up fast…hold ya chin up nuh nuh nuh……. gone

Wow! This is a guy who supposedly has a College Degree. I wonder how he passed his driver test? Here’s how well he drives a Cushman…