Just a quick post… today the TV news announced that the major sponsor of the Saturday concerts in North Tonawanda, Labatts Brewing, had withdrawn from the concert series. That pretty much seals the deal for ending the shows for the rest of the season.

Well, at least they still have the Wednesday and Friday concerts. That ought to be enough for any city, right?

In fact, that’s downright greedy. There is a certain synergy between these concerts, offering free shows to bring people into a certain place. Buffalo has Thursday at The Square. Lockport has the Molson Concerts on Friday. Lewiston has Jazz on Mondays. Artpark has, well Tuesday and Wednesday… NT had Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

While certain places seem happy to get a successful event once a week, others aren’t happy with that. There are only so many people who only have so much money to spend on entertainment. If one town double dips, doesn’t that take away from the others? Or maybe discourage some other neighboring town or city from having their concert night?

Many other local towns, villages and cities have smaller, less well-known shows, primarily for their own residents. Shouldn’t we share a bit? Why does TNT need three concert series a week?

I suppose, if people show up and they make money to pay for the “free” shows, they can’t be faulted for doing them. Artpark added the Wednesday shows after the Tuesday ones became so popular they were packed. Artpark is not a city or town, either, it’s a state-operated facility charged with bringing art/culture/entertainment to our area. If they could do it successfully every day of the week, and by successfully, I mean profitably so that it doesn’t take our tax dollars, then they probably should.

But, somehow, I don’t feel a bit sorry for North Tonawanda losing one concert, when they hold three per week. Let’s go somewhere else.