I heard a talk show host talking about “White Privilege” the other day. I had never heard the term before, but I guess it’s a glass-half-full/half-empty way of not saying disadvantaged.

So, what is the deal with the Buffalo Police and Marshawn Lynch? Four days after a hit-and-run accident where they impounded his SUV from his driveway, they are “reaching out” to him for an explanation.

Sorry, but if it were you or I, the only reaching out they would be doing would be to slap the cuffs on us.

Why does a supposed sports star get the kid glove treatment? Why are the police so impotent to locate him and ask questions? While it’s not proven that he was driving the vehicle, as the owner of it, he surely has some responsibility to cooperate by providing information as to who was the driver at the time.

Instead, he was nowhere to be found and it even took a day or two for his attorney to speak up. Why weren’t the police at the Bills practice to interview him? Surely, he’d have a harder time eluding them than he had escaping the press by ducking out through the weight room.

When it takes an attorney and four days to prepare to speak to the police, something is fishy. It shouldn’t take that long to get your story straight, unless you’re writing fiction as you go.

How about this – Bills management step up and suspend him until he comes forward an cooperates with the police. His reluctance to cooperate is an embarrassment to the team and just plain looks bad for him and the team. Maybe they can do what the police don’t seem to be able to…